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Interpersonal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Relational Communication - Essay Example Talk investigation includes such perspectives as casual conversation, talk-in-collaboration and furthermore PC interceded correspondence. Casual conversation is a causal sort of discussion which is utilized to end a clumsy quiet between two individuals (Goffman, 1981). Along these lines it is considered as a technique in dealing with the relational separation. This is fundamental as here and there it isn't moral to be without saying anything. There are sure examples and circumstances in which casual chitchat is viewed as suitable. There are likewise some generally utilized themes in casual chitchat. In this way casual chitchat encourages the making of a constructive face among the individuals and it can have toward the start or toward the finish of the discussion. PC Mediated Communication (CMC) is portrayed as some type of informative exchange that happens between at least two PCs which are in a system. Essentially this term has been used to characterize associations that occur through PC intervened configurations, for example, messages, talk rooms and texting (Thurlow, Lengel and Tomica, 2004). Anyway it likewise includes different types of correspondence, for example, content informing. Research on CMC focuses for the most part on social effect of PC bolstered correspondence advancements. CMC is an idea that has been advancing after some time with the coming of innovation. Now and again there is deviation from the customary methods, for example, the utilization of broad media advancements as opposed to the absolutely message based types of correspondence. Examination Talk Analysis (DA) is a strategy that has been utilized to break down composed, communicated in or marked language in any critical semiotic action. It is a subjective methodology that has been created by therapists (Heritage, 1997). The goals are; 1. Break down common happening of language, which isn't created previously. Related exercises are Corpus etymology and content semantics. 2. Characterize intelligent arrangements of discourse acts or succession of explanations 3. Characterize grammar, dictionary, style, discourse act and parts of connection 4. Characterize different kinds of exposures in media, training science and business Talk investigation is starts with inquire about inquiries which are not formal sense. Point hypothetical positions while getting ready poll (Potter, 1997). This can be a book which is deconstructive however identify with characters. Subjects can be distinguished including men's kinships, Family foundation requests, about marriage, etc. It distinguishes the hypothetical direction to comprehend the investigation and furthermore attempt to comprehend subjects in what individuals need. With the assistance of expression it tends to be disconnected about what is being said. In any case, there will be irregularity and here and there an endeavor to emerge fault, standard interference of individuals, etc. 1. Report gathered data that can be preoccupied. 2. Study own understandings 3. Reevaluate the examination question and state what hypothesis and practice in Psychology can be applied. In typical day-today utilization it could be referenced that the term content is utilized only to characterize composed language, though talk is utilized to portray communicated in language only. Anyway Linguists have lately utilize the term content to characterize a wide range of articulations. A couple of instances of content possibly a magazine article, a TV meet or a cooking formula. Content Linguistics is characterized as the conventional record of the etymological standards overseeing

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How Is Dramatic Tension Created in Act 2 Scene 2 of Macbeth Free Essays

Shakespear composed the play ‘Macbeth’ in the sixteenth century and its set in the eleventh century. The various subjects investigated in this play are Power, Fate, Destiny, Evil just as the unnatural. The play is about Macbeth attempting to pick up power in savage manners as a result of the expectations the three witches made. We will compose a custom paper test on How Is Dramatic Tension Created in Act 2 Scene 2 of Macbeth? or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now Woman Macbeth assumes a significant job all through the play too as an incredible elizabethan lady. In Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeth begins going crazy because of the blame and we see an adjustment in his character directly before this scene Macbeth’s executed the lord and now is ceasing to exist of blame. This is a critical scene in the play as I accept this is the defining moment of the play as after this scene more wrongdoing is commited as well. The scene starts with Lady Macbeth talking. The crowd comprehends that Lady Macbeth is hanging tight for her significant other to come back from commiting the wrongdoing. Woman Macbeth is by all accounts excited and disturbed, disclosing to herself that its all going to be alright. She feels valiant and brave, the crowd gets this thought as she continues rehashing her arrangement again and again and over again believeing in herself feeling â€Å"bold† asserting she has â€Å"fire†. Woman Macbeth comes out as a solid Elizabethan lady who has confidence in her own capacity to control and control Macbeth the manner in which she loves it. She first says â€Å"that what hath made them alcoholic, hath made intense; What hath quench’d them, hath give me fire† this is her expression she is energized as she accepts that her significant other is going to accomplish enormity and become the ruler, his arrangements have made her enthusiastic about the passing of Duncan or would she say she is attempting to persuade herself that she is more right than wrong to design the homicide? A Shakespearian crowd would begin to accept that she is a witch as in Shakespeare times they unequivocally put stock in witches. Motivation behind why Shakespear composed this play was because of King James the first’s fixation on black magic. A Shakespearen crowd would be exceptionally dismayed as they would anticipate that a lady in those occasions should be very obident and guiltless. Shes intended to speak to her better half anyway Lady Macbeth acts much in an unexpected way. This gives the feeling that she is contorted as she considers murder to be something so insignificant and has no sentiment of blame at all, to a degree of arranging the demise of the Duncan.. A lord additionally in those occasions is supposed to be as a â€Å"messanger of God† along these lines slaughtering a God’s messanger would be something that could lead upto capital punishment. A cutting edge crowd would not be as stunned as a Shakespearn crowd as society has now changed and such conduct is normal in a lady too yet some may differ and act astonished as ladies are believed to be the more powerless, defenseless ones in the public arena and could never anticipate that them should carry on thusly. Macbeth enters when the wrongdoing is commited. Woman Macbeth tries to welcome him. Emotional pressure first beginnings when Lady Macbeth says ‘the owl shout and the crickets cry’. To an advanced crowd, this has no importance yet during Shakespearean occasions these commotions were indications of somebody who has kicked the bucket/passing. Additionally, something fiendish and unatural. Short sentences are utilized to develop emotional strain. Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth utilize one worded addresses and pose short inquiries. For instance: ‘When? ’ ‘Now. ’ ‘As I slid? ’ ‘Ay. ’ This develops strain as the peruser may trust Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are frightened so the discussion is short and smart. On the off chance that this scene was re-instituted the entertainer would peruse this in a quieted voice and a calm tone as they wouldn’t need to get captured. The crowd knows that Macbeth has commited a wrongdoing. The crowd would start to feel mindful and pressure develops on the grounds that what occurs next isn't predicatble, the crowd isn't sure on the off chance that they would get captured or heard by somebody. This is the place things begin to get a bend and this scene gets all the more intriguing as we see an adjustment in the characters. This is the place Macbeth’s franticness begins just as his blame and the dread that individuals will find what has occurred. The subject of blame is then developed all through this scene. Woman Macbeth appears to keep her sentences short in this piece of the scene as she feels that Macbeth is beginning to go crazy. She makes statements, for example, â€Å"Consider it not all that deeply† she doesn’t need to confound him furthur or needs him to feel any feeling of blame as this would ruin her disguise. Macbeth says â€Å"I had most need of gift, and ‘Amen’ Stuck in my throat† He wont state a sacred word as hes conflicted with the entirety of The awesome privileges of Kings which implies he has additionally conflicted with God. The crowd comprehends his blame and feels anyway they realize he fouled up and furthermore conflicted with his religion in this way it’s reasonable that Macbeth ought to endure with his blame. Religion is appeared now. Woman Macbeth pays heed to Macbeth’s condition and attempts to sound good to him For instance ‘These deeds must not be thought, After these ways; in this way, it will make us mad’. She ensures herself and is confident. The crowd can see no indications of disappointment or blame with her at all. The subject of nature and blame are continually rehashed all through this scene. ‘Sleep no more! Macbeth murders sleep’ which recommends that individuals will be in dread that Macbeth is left free. Rest is nature’s method of recuperating an individual and Macbeth can’t get any as he conflicted with all the guidelines of nature †â€Å"Sleep no more; Macbeth will rest no more†. Macbeth says ‘I heard a voice cry’. This proposes hes going crazy as he hears different voices in his mind. The steady reiteration of referal to nature and religion accentuates his blame and lament; He realizes he fouled up and rehashing it helps him to remember that. Macbeth feels confounded and defenseless as his craziness gets hard to manage. Woman Macbeth begins to pay heed to Macbeth’s franticness and attempts to assume responsibility for it. Topics of blame and lament are still continued. Woman Macbeth attempts to inforce her words on him, For instance ‘Infirm of direction! As though shes instructing him to acknowledge the realities and proceed onward. Woman Macbeth despite everything gives no indications of blame or lament. She is baffled and nearly yelling at him, constraining him into accepting the manner in which she does. Her manner of speaking and utilization of language is cruel which assaults Macbeth’s pride and self image as a man. She intellectually controls him into intuition her way. Woman Macbeth takes control and is roused by the need to not get captured and by the avarice of intensity so then she can turn into the sovereign. The crowd can by and by observe her manipulative side and feels thoughtful towards Macbeth. She advises Macbeth to give her the knifes; she causes Macbeth to feel futile and little as an individual, straightforwardly assaulting his pride as a man. Macbeth’s franticness keeps on deteriorating. Woman Macbeth says â€Å"My hands are of your shading; yet I disgrace To wear a heart so white† She causes him to feel that he done likewise wrongdoing as her yet shes splendidly fine yet hes acting like a weakling, she continues assaulting his pride with the goal that she gets what she asks for from him. As during Shakespearean occasions, pride and respect implied a lot of significance. Macbeth doesn’t show any of this now. Turning into the sovereign is the most significant inspiration for her as of now. Shes driven by her need and insatiability for power. Utilization of language is utilized to construct pressure, Shakespeare utilizes a metaphor to communicate Macbeth’s blame and the topic of disappointment. For instance ‘Will all incredible Neptune’s sea wash this blood clean from my hands? ’ This discloses to me that Macbeth feels extremely regretful hes contrasting what he did as large an arrangement as the entire sea saying Macbeth would require a sea so huge for him to be pardoned or to wipe away the proof of his wrongdoing and wash this wrongdoing, this blood off their mind. Likewise ‘The countless oceans in incarnadine, making the green one red’. This symbolism of blood and red is rehashed and misrepresented which at that point connects to blame and the subject of blood. Short sentences and clamor, for example, ‘Knocking’ is utilized more than once to develop strain, the dread that anybody will discover keeps them restless. Emotional strain is made all through this scene by the utilization of language, short sentences, metaphors, reiteration and symbolism. This scene is a significant one in the play as this is the place we see an adjustment in the characters and theres a contort in the story. This makes tension and makes it erratic so the crowd needs to realize what will occur straightaway and keep them intrigued and needing more. Overstatements underline the critical subjects in this scene like how Macbeth needs the seas to depict his blame and lament. Redundancy makes the activity constant and appear to be significant as its being rehashed a few times and short sentences accelerate the pace of which the activities occur at and help develop strain. The most effective method to refer to How Is Dramatic Tension Created in Act 2 Scene 2 of Macbeth?, Papers

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The Truth About Kombucha (and its Health Benefits)

The Truth About Kombucha (and its Health Benefits) Lately, when scrolling my Instagram feed, I have been seeing a lot of posts by celebrities and my more health-conscious friends talking about the health benefits of a beverage known as kombucha.I have even come across the beverage on supermarket shelves two or three times.Still, I haven’t been paying much attention to this seemingly “magical drink.”When I went out to a café last week with one of my friends and he ordered this strange drink, however, I felt I had to know what it really is. I couldn’t really trust the friend to give me a good explanation of what kombucha is since all he did was sing its praises.There is a high chance that you have also come across this drink that is all the rage and you might also be wondering what exactly it is and whether it is really as good as claimed to be.After much research, I am now ready to tell you the truth about kombucha.WHAT IS IT? Kombucha is a fermented sweet-and-sour tea beverage.Those who have tried the drink will tell you tha t it has a peculiar taste.The taste depends a lot on the flavors that may have been added to the drink.Kombucha is not something new. It has been around for over 2000 years and is said to have originated in northeast China.It then found its way to Japan, where a doctor named Kombu used it to treat Emperor Inkyo’s digestive problems.The drink gets its name from this doctor. The term Kombucha can be translated to mean Kombu’s tea.There are claims that the name comes from a Japanese sea weed known as Konbu, though these are just mere claims, since Kombucha is not made from sea weed.Kombucha then spread to neighboring Russia, before finding its way to Europe where it became wildly popular in the early 20th century.The drink first started appearing in the United States in the 1960s, though it has recently gained a lot of growth in popularity, thanks in part to the growing health consciousness by Americans and the claims that kombucha can prevent and cure numerous health problems, fro m hair loss and digestive problems to AIDs and cancer.It has even been nicknamed as the “tea of immortality.”Today, you will find kombucha being sold in most grocery stores, supermarkets, and cafes.If you want to, you can even brew your own kombucha at home.The recent increase in the popularity of kombucha has led to the growth of a new industry that was valued at $0.97 billion in 2018 and is predicted to reach $3.8 billion by 2023.HOW KOMBUCHA IS MADEKombucha is essentially tea that has been allowed to ferment. Fermentation is the process by which bacteria and yeast chemically break down a substance.It is the same process by which yoghurt is made from milk and cabbage turned into kimchi or sauerkraut.In order for the tea to ferment and form kombucha, it needs some extra ingredients, such as sugar and yeast.The first step in making kombucha is to brew either black or green tea. It’s good to note that kombucha cannot be made from herbal tea.The tea must be from the tea plant.On ce the tea has been brewed, sugar is added while the water is boiling.Sugar is important since it provides the yeast with something to feed on during the fermentation process.It’s also good to note that kombucha has to be made using regular sugar. If fake sugars are used, the tea will not ferment.After adding sugar, the tea is left to cool for a while before some vinegar is added to the mixture.Cooling prevents the fermentation culture, which is alive, from dying due to high temperatures, while the vinegar also aids in fermentation.Finally, the fermentation culture, also known as the mother, mushroom, or SCOBY is added to the mixture. SCOBY stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.The bacteria and yeast feed on the sugar during the fermentation process, resulting in the sweet-sour drink we know as kombucha.For kombucha to form, the mixture is left to ferment over a period of one or two weeks.After the fermentation is complete, the final brew contains a number of componen ts, including:Ethanol: The fermentation process produces ethanol (alcohol). However, the amount of ethanol in the just brewed kombucha makes up only about 0.5% of the drink. Ethanol and acetic acid (from the vinegar that went into the brew) have antimicrobial effects and prevent the kombucha brew from being contaminated. It is good to note that sometimes, after the kombucha brew is bottled, the alcohol content can increase to between 2 and 5%.Carbonic acid: During the fermentation process, the yeast produce carbon dioxide as they digest the sugars. This is what makes kombucha fizzy.Sugar: While the yeast and bacteria feed on the sugar during the fermentation process, they don’t use up all of it, and some of it remains in the drink.Vitamins: The breakdown of sugars by yeast releases some vitamins, especially B and C vitamins.Acetic acid: This comes from the vinegar that is added to the brew to aid in the fermentation process. Some acetic acid is also produced during the fermentatio n process. While acetic acid is considered to be healthy, sometimes it can react with the alcohol in the kombucha to form acetates, which can be harmful to your health. If you notice an acetone-like smell coming from your kombucha, don’t drink it.Lactic acid: This is also produced during the fermentation process, and contributes to the laxative effect some people experience after drinking kombucha.Lactase and invertase: These are enzymes that the yeast and bacteria produce to help in the breakdown of sugar.Acids: Kombucha contains a number of acids, including gluconic, usnic, amino, glucuronic, and other acids.Caffeine: Kombucha contains small amounts of caffeine, which come from the tea that was used in the brewing process.Cellulose: Kombucha may also contains some bits of cellulose, which appear as little particles in the kombucha brew.Additives: Sometimes, some brands of kombucha will have some additives to give the drink a unique flavor.DOES KOMBUCHA HAVE ANY HEALTH BENEFITS?L ike I mentioned earlier, the growing popularity of kombucha can be largely attributed to the claims that kombucha can cure or prevent all kinds of illnesses.Advocates of kombucha say that it is good for warding off high blood pressure, detoxifying the body, preventing cancer and heart diseases, improving digestion, restoring your hairline, the list is endless.But are all these claims true?Considering that this drink has been around for over two thousand years, we can’t just write it off.It must have something to offer.However, many of the claims about the numerous diseases it can cure and prevent are just that â€" claims.Many of them have not been substantiated scientifically. Still, that is not to say that kombucha has no benefits.Below are some reasons why kombucha might be good for you.It Contains AntioxidantsThe normal processes inside the body result in the release of free radicals.The accumulation of these free radicals in the body can result in oxidative damage and health p roblems.The key to preventing the accumulation of free radicals in the body is to have a diet rich in antioxidants.Fortunately, kombucha, especially the type that is brewed from green tea, contains a type of antioxidants known as polyphenols.Some research has also shown that the fermentation process can increase the antioxidant properties of kombucha.Therefore, kombucha can be good for your health since its antioxidant properties help combat free radicals.It is Rich in ProbioticsOne of the greatest health benefits of kombucha is that it is rich in probiotics.The process of fermentation during the making of kombucha leads to the production of a large amount of probiotic bacteria.Inside our guts, we have an ecosystem that is made up of both good and bad bacteria.The probiotic bacteria produced during the kombucha fermentation process belong to the category of good gut bacteria.Drinking kombucha provides your gut with more of the good bacteria.Considering the age-old truth that majorit y of diseases begin in the gut, drinking Kombucha can lead to a lot of health benefits by ensuring that there is a good balance of gut flora.It Might Be Good For Your ImmunityAside from the benefits in the gut, the healthy bacteria you get from drinking kombucha are also said to make other bodily processes more efficient.One of the bodily functions that is said to gain a lot of benefits from these healthy bacteria is the immune system.However, it is good to note that the effect of the probiotics gotten from kombucha on the immune system has not been scientifically proven.It Might Help With Weight LossKombucha is also believed to be good for people trying to lose some weight.One study found that the good bacteria in the gut play an important role in maintaining a healthy weight.Kombucha provides you with these healthy bacteria and can therefore contribute to weight loss.In addition, kombucha contains a very low amount of calories compared to other fizzy beverages like soda.Therefore, it can be a good alternative for people trying to lose weight. Still, you should keep in mind that kombucha is not a magic bullet.If you don’t accompany it with other interventions like regular exercise and a balanced diet, no amount of kombucha will help you lose weight.Other BenefitsAside from the aforementioned benefits, some studies conducted on animals have shown that drinking kombucha can help lower levels of blood sugar and cholesterol.However, no research has been conducted to find out whether it has the same effects on human beings.ARE THERE ANY RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH KOMBUCHA?While kombucha certainly does have its benefits, it is not without risks either.Remember, the process of making kombucha involves allowing bacteria to grow inside something you are going to drink.Many of these bacteria are considered to be healthy and beneficial to the body.Sometimes, however, especially when the fermentation process has not been properly regulated, molds and harmful bacteria can gr ow inside the drink, leading to contamination.There have been several reports of people falling ill after drinking kombucha.Some of the illnesses that have been reported include stomach upsets, nausea, accumulation of lactic acid in the body, kidney problems, allergic reactions, liver toxicity and other liver problems, metabolic acidosis, and skin diseases.At least one death has also been associated with drinking kombucha.Owing to the risk of contamination, the product research group Consumer Reports does not recommend drinking of kombucha.However, according to the FDA, kombucha is safe to drink provided it has been brewed properly under sanitary conditions.Some of the reasons why you might want to reconsider drinking kombucha include:It May Contain Harmful YeastThere are no approved standards for brewing kombucha.The culture used by one kombucha brand might be very different from the culture used by another brand, which might also be different to the culture you use to brew your ow n kombucha at home.In addition, since the kombucha culture is usually recycled, as the microbes work together, it is possible that they can trigger the growth of another type of microbe, which might turn out to be harmful to your health.The environment in which the kombucha is brewed also affects the composition of the kombucha culture.The point here is that kombucha is essentially a wild ferment. You can never be a hundred percent sure what is in the culture that was used to brew the kombucha you are drinking.Therefore, there is always the possibility that kombucha might be contaminated with molds, fungi, and other harmful bacteria and yeast that might cause illness.For instance, one study found traces of candida albicans â€" an opportunistic yeast that causes various illnesses â€" in some samples of homebrewed kombucha.It Contains AlcoholDuring the brewing of kombucha, many of the yeast strains used to induce fermentation are the same ones used in the production of beer and wine.O ne of these is a strain of yeast known as Z. bailii.During the fermentation process, the yeast feed on the sugar inside the mixture and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.Sometimes, the amount of alcohol in kombucha can be as high as 5%.If the Z. bailii strain of yeast was used, it also produces a compound known as acetaldehyde.Acetaldehyde is a carcinogen and an irritant that can also be found in car exhaust and cigarette smoke.Acetaldehyde is what causes you to feel a hangover after a night of heavy drinking.High levels of acetaldehyde in the body can lead to nausea, vomiting, skin flushing, sweating and a rapid pulse.It May Contain Fluoride and Heavy MetalsThe SCOBY that is used in the brewing of kombucha is biosorbent.This means that it has certain metal-sequestering properties that allow it to accumulate and bind heavy metal contaminants onto its cellular structure.Yeasts, algae and bacteria with biosorbent properties are used to reduce the concentration of heavy metals from wa stewater and the environment.Studies have shown that SCOBY used in the brewing of kombucha is very effective in cleaning up heavy metals such as arsenic, chromium, and copper from wastewater.Owing to the biosorbent properties of the kombucha tea fungus (SCOBY), it is possible for kombucha to be contaminated with some of these heavy metals. Indeed, some studies have found traces of lead and chromium in kombucha.There have even been reports of people suffering from lead poisoning after drinking kombucha. Another study published in Food Chemistry also found fluoride in kombucha in significantly higher amounts than is found in unfermented black tea.The point here is that during the brewing process, the tea fungus can absorb pollutants.Therefore, the quality of the water used in brewing kombucha as well as the air in the environment is very important.If the water or air contains heavy metal pollutants, it can result in the contamination of the kombucha brew and lead to health problems.It Contains SugarSometimes, those singing the praises of kombucha will claim that it has no sugar.They claim that the sugar that goes into the drink early during the brewing process is used up by the yeast and bacteria during the fermentation process.While the bacteria and yeast do consume the sugar during the fermentation process, a significant amount of sugar still remains in the brew after fermentation.According to researchers from Bucharest University, only about 66% of the sugar gets used up after the brew has been left to ferment for seven days.This is why kombucha still has a sweet taste, despite being fermented.If left to ferment for 21 days, the amount of sugar used up may rise up to 81%.Therefore, if you are looking for a sugar-free beverage, kombucha might not be for you.If you are conscious about the amount of sugar you consume, you should check the nutritional label to find out the sugar content before buying kombucha.However, this might also not be very effective since a nother study also found that many Kombucha brands contain more sugar than is stated on the label.It is Possible to Drink Too Much KombuchaWe saw earlier that lactic acid is one of the components found in kombucha.Drinking too much kombucha might lead to a buildup of too much lactic acid in the bloodstream resulting in a condition known as lactic acidosis, which can be life-threatening.However, you would have to drink several bottles at once before suffering from lactic acidosis.Avoid Kombucha if You Don’t Know Where it’s FromWe have already seen that the environment in which kombucha was brewed, as well as the culture used and the brewing process has a huge effect on the final brew.If the kombucha was brewed a poorly sanitized environment or put through an improper fermentation process, there is a possibility that it could be contaminated and dangerous.Therefore, you should avoid drinking the kombucha if you are not sure where it was made and the quality of their brewing process .If you prefer brewing kombucha at home, you should also be very careful. If you don’t follow the right procedures, your kombucha brew could potentially get contaminated by harmful yeasts and bacteria.You should only use a culture and brewing process if you trust the source.The kind of containers you use during the preparation process can also lead to contamination.It is always advisable to use glass containers during the brewing process.Avoid using plastic and ceramic containers since they might leach undesirable elements such as lead into your brew.Plastic containers might also get damaged without your knowledge and harbor harmful bacteria that end up contaminating your brew.WRAPPING UPSo, should you take up kombucha or should you totally avoid it?I’d say that is up to you. From the evidence, the claims by kombucha advocates that the drink is a miracle elixir that cures all sorts of malady are just claims. There is no evidence to back these claims.At the same time, the drink h as some potential health benefits owing to its high content of antioxidants and probiotics. Its benefits can be compared to those of other fermented foods.Therefore, if you wanted to take up kombucha because it will cure assorted illnesses, you will be disappointed.On the other hand, if you find it enjoyable, there is nothing wrong with drinking it. As with any other food, it is always to enjoy it in moderation.Finally, I want to close by emphasizing that you should avoid drinking kombucha unless you are sure that it was made under sanitary conditions and following the right procedures.If you are buying bottled kombucha, always go for reputable brands which give you the assurance that their brew has been put through safety tests.

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Abortion Should Be Banned After 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Abortion has always been an issue in the society. It occurs when a person is forced to kill the baby fetus in the womb of the mother. It is very painful to the mother as she is losing her own child but there are always circumstances and conditions in life that lead a mother to take these harsh step. But sometimes, women do abortion when the fetus has already started to take a form of a baby. A recent bill was passed in Texas by Gov. Rick Perry which was one of the country toughest restriction on abortion. According to the Texas House Bill, abortion will be banned after 20 weeks of pregnancy. A woman is a minor unless proof can be provided to verify her age. This is to be followed properly by all the health clinics and abortion clinics†¦show more content†¦The first 3 provisions of HB2 were enforced by November 1, 2013; the ASC requirement is currently enjoined pending a US Supreme Court decision, as is the admitting privileges requirement as it applies to 2 Texas facilities. †- American Public Health Association. This shows that the abortion law in Texas is gradually being stricter by time and more improvements have been done in the law that strengthens the law and protected numerous unborn life. However, everything has two aspects with advantages and disadvantages. Even though this law has protected so many lives, it has also proven to be a downfall for a lot of health Clinics who were continuously providing abortion services until the law was passed. Eight of the 41 abortion Clinics in Texas in April 2013 closed or stopped providing abortion services after the introduction of the HB2 bill. When the bill was imposed, Eleven more facilities closed or stopped providing abortions primarily because physicians experienced obstacles to obtaining privilege to admit a

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The Culture Of The Internet Essay - 985 Words

The internet, strictly speaking, is the infrastructure that exists between computers. Claiming to have a relationship with it because of the friends and websites and services it leads to is as absurd as claiming to have a relationship with roads because of where they go. So really when I say that I have a relationship with the internet, what I’m talking about is the culture of the internet. Technically I mean the culture of the world wide web, but that sounds dumb. So when I talk about the internet, I’m talking about the vast array of tools, libraries, obscure one-off sites, massive virtual goliaths, and of course their users and creators. Conceptually the internet is in a weird place. It can’t be treated as a single entity because of the massive diversity of communities of which it is made. And none of those communities can be treated as single entities because they are also made up of smaller communities. As Randall Munroe writes: â€Å"Human subcultures are nested fractally. There’s no bottom.† [1] Trying to analyze the entire internet is like trying to analyze the entire northern hemisphere; it gets ridiculous very quickly. Even skipping all the history up until 2005, when I started using the internet, it still gets out of hand. But that’s no reason not to try. Fortunately, there haven’t really been that many massive changes to the internet since 2005. Mobile browsing and social media have exploded since then, but they were beginning to emerge around that time. 2005 wasShow MoreRelatedThe Internet As A Participatory Culture921 Words   |  4 PagesThe internet is populated by over 2 billion users across the globe (Ross, 2013, p. 10). The early days of the web, also called Web 1.0 are over; the internet is now in Web 2.0. Web 2.0 â€Å"is characterized by openness, participation, and sharing†, in other words, user-generated content (Kim, Jin, Kim, Shin, 2012, p. 305). These terms underwrite the internet as a positive, democratic space. â€Å"Another list of words could be added, which has a somewhat negative sound to it: exploitation, losers, freeRead MoreImpact of Internet on Culture2553 Words   |  11 PagesThe advent of the Internet has been one of the most exciting major events in the second half of the 20th century. The ancient dream of â€Å"a scholar knows all things happening in the world without venturing outdoors† has finally become a reality. Since 1993, the Internet started to take off. At present, the Internet has spread to more than 180 countries and regions, connecting more than 600,000 domestic networks of various types, hooking up more than 20 million computers available to 120 millionRead MoreInternet and Youth Culture4867 Words   |  20 PagesThe Internet and Youth Culture Gustavo S. Mesch ince the internet and other media have been adopted and integrated into the daily lives of an increasing number of young adolescents in Western countries, scholars and commentators are debating the impact of these new media on the activities, social relationships, and worldviews of the younger generations. Controversies about whether technology shapes values, attitudes, and patterns of social behavior are not new. In the recent past, the rapid expansionRead More Internet and Culture Essay1853 Words   |  8 PagesInternet and Culture Imagine a world where geographic separation does not inhibit the social or economic mobility of people. A place where cement roads are obsolete and unnecessary and the information super highway is the only road you need to know how to navigate. Information technology becomes the glue and nails that binds our (global) society together. Development becomes a matter of installing fiber-optic wiring, cellular towers and satellite launching. World Bank projects change from roadRead MoreInternet Spread the Uniformity of Cultures757 Words   |  4 Pagesof the Internet on the uniformity of different cultures around the world Introduction With the development of Internet technology and enormous needs of networking around the world, the Internet is becoming dominant appliance in many sections such as business, communication and education. The spread of Internet in some degree has influenced uniformity of different cultures. However, cultures are not geography boundaries, they should not be considered as a result from spread of the Internet. (Kaplanï ¼Å'2009) Read MoreInternet Increases The Market Culture1908 Words   |  8 Pages155411 Abstract In this research paper we will debate between how internet increases the marketing culture. Internet increases the market culture. The research paper includes the advantages and disadvantages of internet affecting market culture. The paper shows how internet increases the market culture in a remarkable way. Web security, checking the items, wasting money and waiting too long are factors that increase the market culture. The research depends on several important sources: An InvestigationRead MoreEssay How Is The Internet Reshaping Culture1362 Words   |  6 PagesHow is the Internet reshaping what we mean by culture? During the 20th century, electricity, the telephone, the automobile, and the airplane made the world more accessible to people and transforming our society in the process. Most people had to call their local bank to check their statements. Or wait for the paper invoice in the mail. The latest score for last nights hockey game were found in the local newspaper. Then came the accessible worldwide system of interconnected networks called theRead MoreCulture Is Defined As The Internet And Mass Media1582 Words   |  7 PagesCulture is defined as â€Å"the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time† (Merriam Webster, 2015). Different continents, from Far East Asia to the West Most point of the Antarctica, holds their own unique traditions and cultures. Modern form of communication, such as the internet and mass media, had exposed us to various different cultures, thousands miles away from us, enabling us to see with our own eyes their practices and traditions. Despite that, does the imagesRead More Affect of the Internet on World Culture2780 Words   |  12 Pagesbe translated rather precisely into the world of the Internet. The personality theories developed by John Atkinson, Abraham Maslow, Joseph Veroff, and Dan McAdams helps define the different shapes that people take while on the World Wide Web. In the following paper, I will discuss these theories, some of the social behavior that takes place on the Internet and the combination of the two into a cogent description of human drives on the Internet. Issue Paper According to projected growth numbersRead MoreCulture Industry : The World Of Internet And Globalisation Essay1880 Words   |  8 Pagestransformation, into the world of internet and globalisation. However despite entering a new phase, the culture industry brought up by Adorno and Horkhermer still stand relevant if not intensifies. Culture industry function according to the idea of replacing use value with exchange value. It robs the freedom of creativity in production. This can clearly be seen as big corporations extend their market on a global scale. It is caused by the ever-so-convenient internet that brought connectivity to the

Tragic Hero Free Essays

Arthur Pendragon; Fit For A King? Arthur was crowned king not only at a young age but also completely unexpectedly. Arthur did not ask to be king, he was still a child and did not feel he was worthy of such a position. Arthur’s lack of confidence and trust in himself defines him as a king and his ability to rule. We will write a custom essay sample on Tragic Hero or any similar topic only for you Order Now Arthur’s dependency on others proves to be King Arthur’s tragic flaw. As a child Arthur was brought up as Sir Kay, his foster brother’s, Squire. He grew up serving to others demands, it was never necessary for him to make his own decisions. Arthur just did what he was told and tried to please Sir Kay. This flaw first appears in the book The Sword and the Circle, Sir Kay tried to take credit for pulling the sword out of the stone when in reality Arthur had been the one to retrieve it. Sir Kay took all the glory and was going to allow him to be unjustly crowned. Arthur did not speak up or question Kay’s story; He did not receive the credit he deserved until Sir Kay admitted to not being the one to have relinquished the sword. Even after Arthur was appointed king he did not make decisions on his own. He had Merlin by his side to help him. When Merlin left King Arthur to rule on his own Arthur did not know what to do. He was left in a state of uncertainty and fell into what seemed like depression. Also In the book The Sword and the Circle, Arthur discovers the love affair between Lancelot and his wife, Guinevere, and punishes them both but Lancelot ends up rescuing Guinevere. Sir Lancelot asks for King Arthur’s forgiveness and as much as Arthur would like to Gawain will not allow him to accept the apology. Later Sir Mordred and Sir Gawain convince Arthur to go to war against Lancelot. This leads to the splitting of the Knights of the Round Table and the battle between Sir Mordred and King Arthur, which eventually lead to King Arthur’s death. If Arthur had stood by his decision and was not so easily convinced by Gawain the battle could have been avoided and Arthur could have changed the course of his and his kingdom’s fate. On many other accounts King Arthur’s decisions depended on the influence of others, this being one of his tragic flaws can be held accountable for the downfall of King Arthur and his Kingdom. Although technically Arthur was born to be king he did not possess the attributes to be one. He had to compensate in other ways to make up for his weakness, but overall this personality fluke immobilizes Arthur from becoming the great king he had the potential to be. How to cite Tragic Hero, Papers Tragic Hero Free Essays * Macbeth as a tragic hero: Discuss In Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, Macbeth who is the main character is a tragic hero that suffers from Hamartia which is ambition in Macbeth’s character and that leads him to his downfall, A tragic hero character according to Aristotle must be moral, have virtues and suffers from Hamartia which is a flaw in character that eventually leads to his defeat and downfall at the end of the play. Macbeth is a great person who was a brave warrior in addition a great leader who won several wars for his king as the dramatist shows him in the first pages of the play. Macbeth is great physically and morally, in one hand his physical skills achieved in the battle scenes as the dramatist shows him as a brave warrior who always achieve victory to his country besides he was called ‘’ Brave Macbeth’’ and ‘’ Belladonna’s bride groom’’, in the other hand Duncan his king well-likes, trusts and respects him because of his moral greatness and kindness and that’s what makes his wife Lady Macbeth affirmed that he is morally great when she says ‘’ he is the too full of the milk of human kinds’’. We will write a custom essay sample on Tragic Hero or any similar topic only for you Order Now Ambition is the tragic flaw / Hamartia of Macbeth which leads to his defeat; he was affected by the prophecies of the three witches. However the first prophecy of the three witches fulfilled and that Macbeth will be the Thane of Cawdor this was the first step for Macbeth to be ambition to the idea of becoming a king. Here begins the evil side of Macbeth to show as he changes from being a noble man to evil one, he has virtues and morals at the beginning of the play and he was honourable man who was respected and admired by his king and then he became an evil man who want to do anything just to take the crown for himself and be the king instead of Duncan, this clarify that he is aware of what he has done and he committed the tragic mistake opened eyed. In addition his wife Lady Macbeth was very interested in becoming a Queen so she starts to encourages and convinces him to decide upon a solution which can makes them be a King and Queen, she succeed in convincing him that his fate is to be the king, which made him kill the king Duncan, that shows the character of Lady Macbeth as a very ambition woman who was determine that Macbeth must be the king. After Macbeth committed the first crime of killing the kind Duncan Macbeth’s character begin to overthrow and he starts to become upset from the idea that he become a murderer and he begin to say that all he water in the world cannot wash Duncan blood of his hands, this shows that he starts to realize the guilt that has been done by him and the crime affected him that he starts to imagine Duncan’s murder scene over and over which shows the reversal of his character and that he didn’t care about the consequences of the crime at the beginning but now he realize what heà ¢â‚¬â„¢s done was terrible, besides after he killed Banquo half of him wishes that he had never done the murders and the other half tells him that he already committed the crimes and he cannot go back and what’s done cannot be undone. How to cite Tragic Hero, Papers

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Society ethics in modern war technology

The world is moving forward, and it is currently changing from the industrial age to the age of information technology. Technology is constantly changing at a fast rate. The United States of America is the leader in technological advancement in relation to military activities. The military has seen transformations in the weaponry and machinery use.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Society ethics in modern war technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These aspects are getting sophisticated, effective and efficient through the use of microprocessors. Good examples of these advances are smart weapons, fly by wire aircraft systems and smart ships. This improvement in technology has reduced the number of deaths and destruction common in military excursions. The military aims at attacking the right targets without endangering the lives of innocent civilians. With the current advancements in technology, this has been achieved. In fact, the United States of America has achieved some of these objectives. This has ensured that ethical conduct is followed in the battle field. War in the common society is normally associated with deaths, killings and wanton destruction. In most cultures, killing is considered unethical (Carroll, 53). However, there are exceptions in relation to this in many parts of the world. For instance, there are societies that offer human beings as sacrifice. Besides, a person would be given a death sentence. It is sad that war is inevitable in society. It forms part of the human life in the society. A person is quick to state that justification of a war is valid when all means of diplomacy fail between warring parties. A war is considered ethical and moral when based on legal, ethical and moral gauges. The use of guided missile has proved to be the proverbial water shade in military technology. This has seen the evolution of war machinery at a quick pace. Ancient war techniques are no longer viable because the face of war is changing and it only favors parties with modern technology. A good example of the evolution of war machinery involves dropping of bombs. In the World War II, about 108 bomber planes would drop 650 bombs to annihilate a single target while, in the Vietnam War, the number of bombs decreased sharply to 180 for a single target. Nowadays, it requires about three laser guided missiles to destroy a single target. The American society views the development of smart technology as unethical because it has taken away the human element in war. Lack of human judgment in the smart weapons eliminates the mercy factor. Secondly, research required for smart weapons takes a lot of money. Besides, it requires skilled personnel to successful complete War related projects. Funds used for the above project come from taxes.Advertising Looking for essay on ethics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More At tim es, innocent lives of civilians are lost in the battle field. Furthermore, innocent people are subjected to suffering (Carroll, 57). In World War II, a lot of civilians died. Besides, destruction occurred in places that were not targets of the military. This wordplay is vital in advocating for ethically right practices in relation to military activities. Virtue ethics is the trait of a moral beacon. A good example is the collateral damage reduction policies enacted by the United States of America. America has the responsibility of manufacturing precise weapons to spare civilians in the battle field. Further, this would prevent excessive use of force in the battle field. Critics of the advanced military technology are arguing that these technologies have a dehumanizing effect in relation to war because the enemy is an image in a surveillance camera. This argument is valid, but this technology is protecting the lives of many soldiers and improving efficiency in dealing with military t argets. American military has been on the forefront in enacting the Law of Proportionality. It seeks to determine the legally acceptable level of military activity that a soldier can perform in a foreign territory. It enhances the accomplishment of military objectives. This means that, the military personnel seek to destroy strategic military targets. This legislation encompasses the ethical stand the American military is trying to adopt to make wars humane and not destructive like in the past. This also disallows inhuman practices by military personnel (Kassimeris and John, 15). Soldiers found to have violated this law are charged in a court of law. An exception to this ethical law is when the legitimate military incursion puts the lives of civilians at risk. This situation arises due to proximity of civilians to the battle fields. In such a situation, an acceptable number of civilian casualties are tolerable. This number of casualties is to be reasonably low to check the activitie s of the war. This exception is the rule of double effect. Another crucial talking point is the issue of spending large sums of money in research and acquisition of military technology while other pressing issues are ignored. This amount is exceedingly large especially when the United States of America is considered. America has been spending about $ 61.8 billion annually on research and development of military weapons and machinery. This amount is large in relation to the money spent on developing clean energy systems. However, other sectors of the economy receive little funds for their activities. This portrays a serious fault in all the ethical arguments that the United States of America proposes.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Society ethics in modern war technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In conclusion, governments are always finding ways of outsmarting one another. This has facilitated the shift from the era of dumb bombs to smart bombs and less human casualties in military operations. For instance, in 1945, a single target would be bombed using over 600 bombs. A reduction of this number to 180 in the Vietnam War was evident because of greater accuracy. This trend has further been improved to a few guided missiles to destroy a similar target. Technology is still evolving, and pilotless drones have been manufactured. It aims at reducing the number of personnel involved in the battle field. It is a way of reducing human causalities in relation to wars. All these advancements are meant to minimize risks in war. These risks encompass civilian casualties, unnecessary destruction of non-strategic targets in the war zone and injuries to the military personnel. All these advancements are good examples of the constant quest for the reduction of risks associated with war. It is hypocritical for one to create all these rules and be the largest manufacturer of weapons. Thus, the United States needs to reduce its military activities. Besides, it should allocate a considerable amount of funds for the same. The other option is to enact regulations that would avert wars. Funds that would have been used for the same should be donated to developing countries. This would be a sign of a noble action. Works Cited Carroll, Archie B. Business Society: Ethics Stakeholder Management. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2009. Print. Kassimeris, George, and John, Buckley. The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern  Warfare. Farnham, Surrey, England: Ashgate Pub, 2010. Print. This essay on Society ethics in modern war technology was written and submitted by user Francisco Talley to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.